The Guy in the picture

My name is Greg Borrelly, and I’m a full-stack Engineer at Lightning jar.  I’m currently working on React and VueJS based applications.

The Big Picture


Why I do this?

I changed my life through coding, this is a fact that I won’t ever forget.  I feel compelled to give back and help as many people as I can.

Why such a simple site?

With so much content being bombarded at us every day. I wanted to make this site a sanctuary of sorts, where you can come and read a post with minimal distraction.  If you are looking for something more colorful, take a look at my portfolio’s header, that whole city was created via SVG.

How I spend my leisure time

On my spare time, I like to participate in game jams. Video games are the ultimate media. Mixing together storytelling, video, interactivity, and music.  You can check out one of my games on Github’s blog. Glitch – Github Game Jam.

Invite me to speak

I love giving talks, and teaching others, if you would like me to give a talk on a tech-related topic, you can reach out to gregborrelly@gmail.com